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What We Can Do
Our design staff can create or assist with the creation of all types of content, including the following:
  • Instant Broadcast Announcements
  • Menus
  • Noticeboads, including specials, raffle draws, honour boards
  • RSS templates
  • Custom raffle draw templates
  • Touch Kiosk applications (web-based)
  • Static advertising images
  • Animated advertising, including Video and Flash
  • Wayfinding signage templates
Give us a quick call for additional information about content creation for adPOS™.

Images created by us

Self-created content

What You Can Do
Alternatively, we invite you to have a go at creating your own content. This can be achieved by the usage of a wide variety of products, including our own very easy to use Content Generator. We are happy to give advice (and even a bit of training!) on creating your own content. A few examples of the tools that can be used are listed below:
  • Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign
  • Adobe Flash/Premiere
  • Microsoft Publisher/Powerpoint
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • The Print Shop
  • GIMP

Effectively, you can use any graphical/video editing software that can export to supported file formats. Common formats supported include jpg, gif, png, wmv, mpg, avi, vob, swf, existing URLs.

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